The Life Air Compact Disc is a small device that attaches to most surface in the car. It runs on battery and solar power. When the thermal sensor inside the device detects the presence of humans and pets inside the vehicle and the themometer reaches 78 degrees or higher, the device flips on and sends a small electrical charge to the cooling gel tube within the device. Fans inside the Compact Disc push the cooler air through the top cap and vents along the side of the device. The Life Air Compact Disc continues running until the tempoerature inside the vehicle cools down.

The Life Air Compact disc is designed to prevent permanent brain damage and death of kids and animals trapped in locked cars. The device can be mounted anywhere inside the vehicle including windows, door frames and the back of passenger seats.

We are raising money to build and test this device and are asking for the public's support. Share this campaign with your friends and family and remember never leave your kids or pets in a locked car. 6 minutes is all that is needed to kill an infant or pet trapped in a hot car, SUV or Van. Support our campaign today!

Life Air Campaign

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Your money will be used for equipment, research, testing and lab fees. Help us today!